Standard Grant Conditions

The Snow Foundation strongly believes that the provision of a grant is part of a trusting relationship based on the shared aim of achieving the success of the project and The Snow Foundation’s mission.

This means that, amongst other things (including those set out in any grant agreement between you and the Snow Foundation):

  • You must use the entire grant exclusively for the project as agreed with The Snow Foundation and described by your application. Grants should not be used for any other purposes without the Snow Foundation’s consent and otherwise in accordance with any grant agreement between you and the Snow Foundation.


  • The provision of the grant is based on a strong level of trust, openness and mutual commitment in pursuing shared objectives and overcoming obstacles together.


  • You, together with The Snow Foundation, are committed to honest and transparent communication with each other and acknowledge that there should be “no surprises”; as such, you commit to informing The Snow Foundation as soon as practicable  about all matters the Foundation should reasonably be made aware of in connection with the project.


  • Neither The Snow Foundation or you (or any of your employees and agents) may bring The Snow Foundation or you (as relevant) into disrepute in any way.