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Social Impact Investments


We are committed to increasing our social impact by investing our corpus responsibly and growing our social impact investment portfolio. We now aim for 15% invested in social impact investments (up from 10%), and currently have 30 totalling $11.8M (9% of the portfolio).

Additionally, the fund managers Third Link, Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) and Future Generation Global Fund (FGG) have been selected due to their philanthropic and charitable nature. If these managers were included within our impact investments, the percentage share of impact investments would increase to 32% of our portfolio (refer to June 2022 graph). 

Due to our large investment in Future Generation’s FGG and FGX, The Snow Foundation was given the opportunity to nominate charities to donate our earned investment income this year. We selected the following ($239,106 total in donations): The Violet Initiative, UNSW – Uluru Statement, Canberra PCYC, Refugees Advice and Casework Service, Project Youth, St John’s Care, Good360, The Social Outfit, National Heart Foundation of Australia – RHD activities for Deadly Heart Trek, NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) – Ukrainian Project, Eurobodalla Therapy Services, South Coast Health & Sustainability Alliance, The Men’s Table, The Farm in Galong, Fearless Women, National Foundation for Australian Women – Fair Agenda, Re-Love.

New Impact Investments 2021/22

Giant Leap Fund II $500k – empowers people, health,
well-being and sustainable living.

AbilityMade II $200k – creates custom-made 3D printed ankle-foot orthoses for children.

Palisade Impact Fund $500k – next-generation infrastructure solutions that contribute to the goals of net-zero carbon emissions, zero waste and zero inequality. 

CIM Social Housing Fund I $500k – social housing covering both public housing and long-term rental properties for those on low incomes.

For Purpose Investment Fund I $1M – specialist disability accommodation, affordable housing, mental health, skills education and training.

CSIRO Fund II $250k – technology and science ventures, generating large social and environmental impact for national benefit.

Existing Impact Investments 2015-2021

Australian Unity Disability Housing $2M – disability accommodation.

Melior $1.5M – invests in companies with core businesses creating net positive impact in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Synergis Fund $500k – disability accommodation.

Seer Data Analytics $50k – data platform designed for the community sector.

Loop + $235k – solutions for the care management of pressure injuries in wheelchair users.

Xceptional BOLD $100k – employment opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Two community loans totalling $18k – Universal Village International and GPS Rowing Club.

AbilityMade $350k – custom made 3D printed ankle-foot orthoses for children.

Patamar II – partially drawn, international fund: low-income communities, companies in agriculture, e-commerce, health care and financial.

CSIRO $500k – partially drawn, invests in technology and science ventures with potential to disrupt generating social and environmental impact. 

CSL Limited $200k – global biotechnology company – researches, develops, manufactures, and markets products to treat/prevent human medical conditions.

ResMed Inc $100k – medical equipment company specialising in treatment of sleep-related breathing disorders. 

Cochlear $200k – designs, manufactures, supplies the Nucleus cochlear implant, the Hybrid electro-acoustic implant and the Baha bone conduction implant.

Murray Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund $1M – environmental watering in wetlands of spiritual and cultural significance to First Nations People.

SEFA Loan Fund $300k – affordable housing, Indigenous training/employment, refugee services.

Project Independence $250k – undrawn –disability housing model for home ownership.

Social Ventures Australia Fund $350k – partially drawn, invests in impact: housing projects, education, employment, housing, First Nations, disability, health.

Giant Leap Fund $250k – partially drawn – invests in companies whose mission is to create a sustainable society.

Compass SIB $300k – housing and support to young people exiting out-of-home care.

The Conscious Investment Management Impact Fund $180k – renewable energy, specialist disability accommodation, seniors housing, affordable housing.

Jigsaw $250k – disability training and employment.

The Impact Fund $500 – specialist disability accommodation, affordable housing, renewable energy.

Aspire Social Impact Bond $250k – accommodation, job readiness training, pathways to employment and life skills development.