Standard Grant Conditions

All grant recipients must:

  • Use the entire grant exclusively for the project as agreed with The Snow Foundation and described by your application. Grants should not be used for any other purposes without informing the Snow Foundation of the change in circumstances.
  • The grant must only be expended within Australia and, where specified in the application, within the particular State or Territory.
  • Deliver the project in a proper, timely and efficient manner using the standard of care, skill, diligence, and foresight that would reasonably be expected from an experienced provider of the project/initiative.
  • Act in accordance with the ethical standards that are generally accepted to apply in the areas of professional practice relevant to the project/initiative.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices and behaviours, and make sure that ethical practices are implemented and ethical behaviours are promoted through appropriate staff training and monitoring.
  • Obtain and maintain any accreditation or registration required for the delivery of all or part of the project.
  • Comply with all applicable laws in the conduct of the project including but not limited to laws relating to workplace health and safety, employment, charities, and consumer law.
  • As soon as practicable inform The Snow Foundation about all matters the Foundation should reasonably be made aware of in connection with the project/initiative.