Frequently Asked Questions

Is my organisation eligible for a grant?

Does your initiative fit in with one of our key focus areas?

  • Health – Indigenous health, aging and carers, mental health, disabilities
  • Social Welfare – homelessness and domestic violence
  • Education and Employment – scholarships, education, job pathways, advocacy, community awareness and education about social issues

Where is your initiative based?

  • Small Grants – Canberra Region
  • Medium/Large Grants – Canberra Region and National

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Do you fund existing projects?

Yes. Our portfolio encompasses both innovation and evidence-based existing projects.

Do you accept hard copy applications/reports or applications submitted via email?

No. We only accept applications that have been submitted through our online system.

Can our organisation receive a second grant if we have a current grant?

Yes. If you are seeking funding for a new initiative that fits within our focus areas, please contact our team to discuss further.

What happens once the application is received?

You will receive an automated email advising you that your application has been submitted. This email will also contain a PDF version of your application as an attachment for your reference.

Note that once applications are submitted, they can only be viewed on the system and cannot be revised.

Your application will then be reviewed. Our team may contact you if further information is required.

Once your application has been assessed, you will be contacted regarding your outcome within 30 days of our Board meeting.

My organisation was awarded a grant, what are my obligations?

You will be advised of your obligations in a letter or agreement once your application has been approved.

Medium or Large Grant recipients are usually required to complete a short evaluation form that assesses their progress against submitted goals whereas Small Grant recipients may only be required to send an email update.

Please refer to your signed agreement or letter for additional obligations specific to your initiative/project.

All grants recipients must adhere to the Standard Grant Conditions.

Why was my application unsuccessful?

We will endeavour to provide general feedback as to why applications are unsuccessful. However, due to a lack of time and resources, we will not be able to provide detailed feedback regarding your application.

Why do I need to evaluate my project each year?

Evaluation of grants assists The Snow Foundation in determining the impact of the funding provided, the success of your initiative/project as well as any key lessons or improvements that can be implemented for future initiatives.

What Indigenous initiatives does The Snow Foundation support?

Some programs that The Snow Foundation currently supports are:

  • Rheumatic Heart Disease – Research, Advocacy, and Elimination
  • Elimination of Scabies and Crusted Scabies
  • Uluru Statement of the Heart
  • Journey to Give, Stand, Respect
  • AIME
  • Aurora
  • CareerTrackers

Please note that in the Indigenous sector, the Foundation is currently only funding major, strategic programs.

What am I expected to provide with my application?

When relevant, please supply:

  • Annual Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Business Plans
  • Letters of support
  • Research

Can I use the funding for another project if my original one falls through?

If the funding is going to be used for anything other than what is specified in the original application, it needs to be approved by The Snow Foundation.