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Established 1991

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Annual Report 2019

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2019 Annual Report
There is so much good work going on in communities to celebrate. Read some uplifting stories of community-action, and innovative organisations that are having a positive impact on the lives of many people.

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At a time when our community is most in need, the power of collaboration, local leadership and funding can help charities adapt their service to cope with the increase in demand. “This year we responded quickly to the places and partners we are deeply committed to including several national partners, and to many within the…

Our Grant Program

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We offer small-medium grants to community-focused organisations in the Canberra region to assist with funding for innovation, programs, projects, research, and equipment.

Who we support

Over the 29 years the Snow Foundation has supported many programs to enrich and liven the Canberra Community and beyond. Below are some of the community organisations that have received valuable support.