“If you see someone struggling you offer them a helping hand"
Terry Snow (Chairman)

Our Mission

The creation of brothers Terry Snow and George Snow who established the foundation in 1991 to improve the lives of those that are disadvantaged in Canberra, the surrounding region and beyond.

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Our Work

As the Foundation has matured and grown, our capacity and reach has widened to beyond Canberra, to regional areas in NSW, some strategic National initiatives, the Northern Territory and Sydney.  The Foundation also supports some individuals who fall through the cracks.


Latest News

Help sponsor non-violence training for a local sports team and help stop bullying

The Snow Foundation is proud to support IRespect, an innovative and evidence-based program that helps kids learn the skills and tools to stand up to bullying and harmful behaviour.


Who can apply?

Community organisations can be considered for a grant, and individuals in severe hardship.

Who we support

Over the years the Snow Foundation have supported many programs to enrich and liven the Canberra Community and beyond. Below are some of the community organisations that have received valuable support.