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Tick-Borne Disease Research Program


We are thrilled to support the Tick-Borne Disease Research Program, in partnership with the NORTH Foundation. As a family, we have been directly impacted by this disease and this unique study aims to build crucial evidence about how to diagnose and then tailor treatment for those that suffer from chronic tick-borne illnesses. The funding will support a world-renowned multidisciplinary team and back crucial research into better understanding the source of infection, diagnosis and treatment pathways for patients suffering with potential tick-borne diseases. There are limited diagnostic tests available in Australia, which means that potential tick-borne disease is often not recognised or misdiagnosed. The research team will be undertaking a significant and first-of-its-kind clinical research program which places patients at the centre of the study. An additional major legacy from this project will be a bio bank of samples collected that will be made available to other researchers once this research program is complete. In the long term, we hope to change the government's mind to fund patient-related research as a priority. We welcome any others that want to join us in supporting this incredible research project.

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