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The mission of One Disease since its initiation in 2010 was to work towards the elimination of Crusted Scabies as a public health concern in Australia by 2022. They have made an important and significant impact in that time and will voluntarily wind down in early 2023 – their program empowering communities and individuals to continue managing the fight. “Success for One Disease is that the Crusted Scabies recurrence rate has been below 5 percent over many consecutive quarters. Success is also knowing that our endless promotion of Scabies Free Zones, reinforcing two doses of Lyclear, and being part of an effective group negotiating for Ivermectin first-line use to be on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme has created a buzz that sometimes sees people scratching around to find out more about scabies!” Michelle Dowden, CEO of One Disease. Legacy resources including the SCAN app for skin checks, and the Scabies and Crusted Scabies Storytelling Tool, with information in 22 community languages, will be transferred over to the Telethon Kids Institute. We supported Founder Dr Sam Prince from the beginning; it was the first time for giving outside the Canberra Region, the start of a dedicated journey in Indigenous health. We extend a huge congratulations and thank you to Sam and One Disease CEO Michelle Dowden and the team for their achievements.

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