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Since 2011 the Foundation has contributed to several documentaries and outreach impact campaigns. The aim is to raise awareness of particular social issues within our community and to create change. The first dcoumentary film we supported was 'Beautiful', an inclusive film about love starrring people with a disability. The Gayby Baby documentary follows the lives of four children who have same-sex parents. The film was released in Australia in August 2015 and was an outstanding success, raising awareness and discussions around same-sex families. The Foundation provided funding towards the film and the educational and outreach resouces in schools, and spoke up about the importance of embracing loving parents, no matter their sexual preference. The Hunting Ground is an acclaimed documentary that features stories of students who have been sexually assaulted on university campuses. The film engaged the entire Australian University sector, and created huge change around the incidence of, and response to, sexual violence in Australian universities. Other films include: Ghosthunter, Big Bad Love, Happy Sad Man, Silence Kills, 2040, The Final Quarter, Incarceration Nation, Firestarter, In My Blood It Runs, Take Heart:Deadly Heart, The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone.

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