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Vote YES for equality and YES for fairness

8 September 2017

The Snow Foundation believes everyone should be treated equally. We will be voting YES for equality and YES for fairness.

This is a great article by Ian Darling, award-winning social impact documentary filmmaker and recently named as Australia’s Leading Philanthropist (by Philanthropy Australia).

In this article Ian talks to Fiona Higgins, Grant Making Specialist, Australian Philanthropic Services  about donating to the YES campaign in the marriage equality debate – and his hope of bringing others with him.

Five million yes forms need to be returned so please get the word out and go to and register your support.

In order to achieve a YES vote in the Marriage Equality postal survey, the support from people of all ages and from all across Australia is needed. That’s why it’s important that you talk to your friends and family and ask them to join you in voting yes. Here’s what happens when Lisa calls her Grandma…

Come on Australia let’s get it done!