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Vital Signs Canberra 2018

19 October 2018

To get a better snapshot of what Canberra looks like and the challenges different groups face, Hands Across Canberra and The Snow Foundation have teamed up to support Canberra’s very first Vital Signs community-led research initiative to identify trends, priorities and opportunities. Designed to gather data about health, education and employment, housing and belonging in Canberra, the Vital Signs global research methodology helps to identify a community’s successes and challenges.

For the vast majority of people, Canberra is a great city. The ACT has the highest average education and wages, and low unemployment. Our active lifestyles foster high social, cultural and sporting participation. We care about our community and out of all Australians, we are more likely to donate our time and money.

But for those that work in the community service and charity sectors, startling new statistics about life in the ACT will confirm what they already know–this is not the Canberra we all experience.

“As a foundation that works with many charities across Canberra, we want to ignite conversation and collaboration to help address the challenges we face as a community,” says Georgina Byron, CEO of The Snow Foundation. “This data gives us a snapshot of  what’s happening in Canberra, identifies priority areas, increases awareness about needs, issues and strengths so that ultimately we create targeted, community action that bolsters diversity and strengths and paves the way for future activities.”

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Vital Signs Canberra 2018 Report

Report sources

Vital Signs Canberra 2018 Report Sources

Report breakdown

How well do you know Canberra?
How healthy do you think Canberra is?
How smart is Canberra?
How does Canberra’s housing stack up?
What is Canberra’s sense of belonging in the community?


L-R Antonia Kaucz, Di Kargas, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, Peter Gordon, Lesley Daw, Georgina Byron, Melissa Foreman, Carolyn Ludovici. at the Hands Across Canberra lunch where Vital Signs was launched.