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Help sponsor non-violence training for a local sports team and help stop bullying

19 June 2018

The Snow Foundation is proud to support IRespect, an innovative and evidence-based program that helps kids learn the skills and tools to stand up to bullying and harmful behaviour.

The IRespect initiative teaches coaches short, positive lessons they give to their teams during team training sessions. The lessons empower kids to tackle two of the biggest obstacles they face—how to stop harmful behaviour and how to effectively speak up when someone you know is being disrespectful or harmful to others. Across the ACT, results have been very encouraging.

We are asking corporate sponsors of youth sports teams to consider funding these programs as part of their commitment to local teams. As part of our commitment to the program, we are offering to pay half the cost of the program for youth sport team sponsors.

“Our children are faced with a rapidly changing society, and this program is simple,” says Georgina Byron, CEO of The Snow Foundation. “It delivers powerful short messages, creates change and helps kids keep each other on the right track. We can empower the region’s young people to stand up for what’s right and stop bad behaviour and violence before it starts.”

Now is the time for local businesses to help change the way children in the ACT deal with bullying, gender inequality and behaviour that leads to larger problems like domestic violence. The programs are open to sports coaches and clubs with athletes who are aged 14 and older. For more information about how to get involved and sponsor one of the IRespect initiatives for a club, contact Mark Wadie at 0437 850 462.