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Corporate Volunteering at Roundabout Canberra

18 October 2022

It’s a Roundabout time you booked your team in!


On October 10th, employees from Capital Airport Group (CAG) and the Snow Foundation volunteered their time at Roundabout Canberra (Roundabout).

Roundabout provides safe and clean, baby and children’s items to families in need through its network of community and not-for-profit organisations. Recently, Roundabout received funding to expand its operations through corporate volunteering.

Corporate Volunteering allows businesses to book their employees in for a team-building session, all while performing crucial, cleaning and assembly tasks for Roundabout. It’s a unique example of providing something of value to a business through increased morale and productivity for its staff while contributing towards an operation that will help over 3000 children this year.

The five CAG and Snow Foundation employees arrived at Roundabout in the early afternoon, being put to work by the team straight away! Our lovely volunteers managed to clean 12 car seats & prams, sort 5 bags of donations, and make 16 packs for families.

It might sound trivial to some, but these efforts can form the backbone of an organisation like Roundabout. The opportunity to access a group of people who can come in, full of energy, and perform these tasks that would otherwise be monotonous for a full-time or part-time volunteer, is immense.

When our volunteers finished their session, they felt that famous donors high. They left feeling like they had played a part in influencing someone’s life for the better, as well as learning more about their community and observing the great work that some of our fellow Canberrans do.

If this sounds like something you could do for your employees or something that you’d like your boss to do for your team, please contact the team at Roundabout!