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Assistance Beyond Crisis (ABC) Micro-finance program

17 July 2019

This micro-finance program aims to close the gap for the ‘missing middle’ – those between crisis and having re-established their lives, and who are not eligible for the low-income safety nets but who find themselves unable to afford essential costs.

These loans are targeted at working parents or individuals, who have experienced and left domestic violence situations but need help getting back on their feet and avoid homelessness or returning to a bad situation to alleviate financial hardship.  These loans have helped pay rent and rental bonds, get critical household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines or pay for medical care, education and legal cost.

If you would like to learn how this program could help people in your organisation or community, then register your interest here.

Thursday 8 August between 4-6pm (Civic).

If you know someone who may benefit from an Assistance Beyond Crisis microloan, learn more here or contact care inc. at 6257 1788.