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A Voice to Parliament – Yes Referendum Resources

1 March 2023

We’re energised and excited after participating in the official ‘Yes’ campaign launch on Kuarna country, Adelaide. #Yes23

We have been offered a beautiful invitation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people via the Uluṟu Statement; ‘walk with us in a movement of the Australian people for a better future’.

We will be asked soon to decide: Should we recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in The Constitution, with a Voice?

We say Yes. Yes to recognition. Yes to a First Nations Voice. Yes to self-determination for the first custodians of this beautiful country. In our work on rheumatic heart disease and crusted scabies, we have seen first-hand how better outcomes are achieved when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a voice in the matters that affect them.

The referendum vote will give all Australians the chance to come together and consider an addition to our constitution that will honour and celebrate the ongoing relationship of First Nations Australians with this land and waters. It’s a rare chance to make a major positive impact now and for future generations.

Let’s all walk together and create a better Australia. We extend the invitation to join us in saying ‘yes’.

Check out the new website focused on the referendum and sign up to stay informed! And here’s a fantastic education video –20 mins training session. More resources on our website, at the link below.

We look forward to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders being able to play an active role in addressing the issues facing their families and communities.


Australian Government – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice

Uluru Statement from the Heart

Yes23 (previously From the Heart)

Uphold & Recognise publications – including Guaranteeing a Grassroots Megaphone, where authors Greg Craven and Damien Freeman posit that it is possible to design legislation that addresses most reasonable concerns.

Together, Yes conversations – Grass Roots conversations created by Victorian Women’s Trust, including messaging and suggestions for conversations with small groups of up to 10 people at a time.

History is Calling – start the journey of nation building – 1 min video

Uluru Statement interactive digital learning platform –20 mins training session

Reconciliation Australia Q&A

Dean Parkin – TEDX Canberra talk 2018 (20 mins)

The Australian Institute for Company Directors recently hosted a successful online event attended by more than 2,500 on why the Uluru Statement is a national governance issue. Here they summarise the main points outlined by a panel of top directors and experts.  Link here

Yes 23 have small grants available to those who can amplify first nations voices in regards to the referendum campaign: