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Our Place

We fund a variety of scholarship programs with a focus on helping rural and regional youth to access education, achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

Over 50 students are awarded scholarships across a range of courses, from advanced medical science to community service. The funds assist with fees and expenses such as travel, internet connection and laptops.

We work with two major partners; Country Education Foundation and Royal Agricultural Society Foundation who assist students in the areas surrounding Canberra and the South Coast. We also provide scholarships to Queanbeyan and Karabar High Schools for senior students and Companion House for students from refugee backgrounds.

Country Education Foundation scholarship student Callum Furner

Country Education Foundation scholar Karlee Symonds, Shoalhaven NSW

Royal Agricultural Society Foundation scholar Georgina Evans

Royal Agricultural Society Foundation scholar Cassie McDonald

Country Education Foundation scholar Bailey Sassal

Country Education Foundation scholar Groove Brindley

Country Education Foundation scholar Rhiannon Chappell

Country Education Foundation scholar Callum Furner

Royal Agricultural Society Foundation scholar Hugh Morrison

Royal Agricultural Society Foundation scholar Lily Morris