Purpose and Approach

Our Purpose

We create opportunities and strengthen resilience for a more caring and inclusive community where everyone can thrive.

Our Approach

We look for innovative and community-led initiatives that empower communities to drive solutions to the problems they’re facing.

We are a catalyst for meaningful change, backing inspiring people and organisations and taking considered risks that help bold ideas become reality.

We address gaps and tackle some of the  underlying causes that lead to inequality by raising awareness, meeting basic needs and contributing  to systemic change.

We foster collaboration and build long-term, trusting and transparent relationships where we listen, learn and enable.

We provide tailored support, offering funding, our voice, advocacy, skills and connections to assist where needed.

Our Values

  • Humility – we recognise the expertise of our partners and help them achieve great things
  • Social justice – we uphold principles of equity, inclusiveness and fairness
  • Commitment – we are here for the long-term and understand social change takes time
  • Collaboration – we are engaged with our partners and our community and work together supportively
  • Empathy – we understand and share the feelings  of others
  • Transparency – we share our learnings and promote shared intelligence