Our Approach

Mission and goals

The Snow Foundation is the creation of brothers Terry Snow and George Snow who established the foundation in 1991 to improve the lives of those that are disadvantaged in Canberra, the surrounding region and beyond.

Our goals are to:

  • provide basic needs and relief to increase well-being and give hope: food, shelter, healthcare
  • provide opportunities to change lives through education, jobs, lifeskills and medical research and
  • provide advancement and leadership in education, philanthropy.

Focus areas

The foundation focuses on these core areas, with a geographic emphasis on Canberra and the surrounding area:

  • Health – Indigenous health, ageing /caring, disabilities and mental health
  • Education and Employment – job pathways and community education on social issues
  • Social Welfare  – Homelessness and domestic violence

Principles and values

Coupled with the focus areas, the following principles and values guide us:


  • Take risks and support entrepreneurship – seed fund innovation
  • Be re-active to need and pro-active to source new grass-roots ventures or evidenced-based programs to bring to Canberra
  • Engage with our partners and walk alongside in our commitment
  • Be more than funding – advocacy, skills, relationships, capital, networking
  • Rally with others for impact – collaborate and convene
  • Be transparent and share our learnings
  • Remain true to our values.


  • Humility – we recognise the expertise of our partners and help them achieve great things
  • Compassion – we are open-minded and accepting of others
  • Openness and Transparency – we share our learnings and promote shared intelligence
  • Commitment – we are here for the long-term and understand social change takes time
  • Collaboration – we are engaged with our partners and our community and work together supportively.

Research – Learning from the Community 

It is important to The Snow Foundation to know what matters to our grant recipients and how the Foundation can improve.

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